The Team

Meet the team behind JNJ Software

Jeff Ready

Owner & Founder

With a background in business management and consultation for over 15 years our software is developed with real world business logic.

Julie Ready

Photographer & Graphic Designer

With her skilled creativity and an educated eye for photography and art, Julie brings our software and services to life with a clean, modern, and responsive look and feel.

Jeremey Rodriguez

App Developer

App Developer Extraordinar, Jeremey is the owner of SingleCog Software and specializes in all Android and iOS app development. Click on the link below to go to SingleCog's website!

About us

Jeff Ready, Owner, with a background in business management and consultation for over 15 years.

Julie Ready, Graphic Design, Arts, and Photography, She brings our projects to life with her skilled creativity and knowledge.

Jeremey Rodriguez, App Development, providing our clients with exceptional innovation, strategy, efficiency, and quality.

we are here to design your custom software and/or websites, train your staff how to use them, then provide you with software and product updates as needed. We are here to service your business management software needs so you can continue to do what you do best - your business! We want you to be successful in your business by keeping you organized and efficient. At JNJ Software, we understand business, from small solutions to enterprise solutions. Our approach to business is simple. We put ourselves in your shoes. That way, we can completely understand the needs of your business. Step by step. And to help you get through those day to day steps, we offer convenient products and services to meet your business needs.

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Business Logic


Notary Manager

Mobile Notary Software for Nationwide Signing Services

Close more signings with less time

realize the full potential of your business!

Track all your signings on one screen, know exactly what the status of each order is, easily access details, assign and schedule a Notary.

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Complete Signing Services Solution

Multiple options available to suit your business needs.

With Notary Manager we make it easy and affordable to manage every aspect of your notary signing service. Complete transaction history is kept on each order with easy access. Easily track accounts until they are paid. Easy customizable report options with export file options. Quickbooks integration. Manage notary and customer databases with ease. Send emails directly from the software, Sent emails are all customizable to fit your needs

CFPB Compliant document control

advanced notary management and secure, encrypted document transfers

All consumer information is secured and encrypted so you can always be proactive about answering compliance questions for your customers.

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Happy Clients


Modern Websites


CFPB Compliance


Fast Support

Pricing Table

Basic (Self Hosting)

Contact for Licensing

  • Free Setup
  • Free Training
  • Host on your own server
  • 24/7 Support
  • Software only

Standard (Paid Annually)

$150 /Month Paid Annually That's 25% off!

  • Free Setup
  • Free Training
  • Hosted in the cloud
  • 24/7 Support
  • Includes website pages for Notary /Customer Login to create orders, upload/ download Docs
  • Integration with your existing website
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Coming Soon Get signed up now, all current customers stay on current pricing after new version is released and pricing increases!
  • New web-based software
  • New dashboard
  • Responsive Design
  • Theming
  • Multiple Languages
  • Notary background check, photo, and all info on screen
  • Real Time Status Updates
  • Instant Messaging built in

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Our Services

Home of Notary Manager, the preferred software for Nationwide Signing Services. We also provide a wide array of customer software and web services for your business needs.

Brand Identity

Let us help you establish or improve your brand identity.

Creative Idea

It's what we do, whether it's your idea or one you need, we can make it a reality.

Awesome Support

24/7 Support, fast, reliable, informative. What else can we say!

Professional Design

We look at your business from a consulting perspective. We start out by learning more about you, your business, and the goals that you have for your website, software, or App. We provide you with advice, feedback, logical concepts, and creative ideas to help ensure you end up with the perfect business solution. We understand what drives your business, let us help you maximize its potential.

App Development

We understand that you need more than just a cool looking iOS and Android custom mobile application. You need something more. You need someone who understands your business, and develops a application strategy that drives that business. With years of app development experience, Jeremey Rodriguez and Single Cog Software provide our clients with exceptional innovation, strategy, efficiency, and quality.

Clean Code

Even bad code can function. But if code isn’t clean, it can bring an organization to its knees. Every year, countless hours and significant resources are lost because of poorly written code. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In the fast changing world of Tech, we take pride in providing clean, functional, responsive code using the latest technologies.

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We respond to all inquiries within a couple hours, immediately in most cases.

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